Block the Nazi Demonstration in Dortmund

Neo-Nazis are mobilizing all over Europe to come to
Dortmund for their so-called „National Anti-Kriegstag“ on September 5th
2009. This Anti-Kriegstag (anti-war day) has gained international
importance for Nazi activists + self-appointed >autonomous
nationalists<, so this demonstration may count as indicator for the
future Nazi development in Germany and in Europe.

Since 2005 Dortmund Neo-Nazis annually mobilize to Dortmund. While
the first “Anti-Kriegstag” in 2005 was attended by ca. 200 Nazis, last
year (2008) an increased number of ca. 1.100 fascists from all over
Europe gathered in Dortmund. This does also include an increased
potential of aggression and violence during demonstrations. Ever since
the distressing murder of the punk, Thomas “Schmuddel” Schulz (2005),
Dortmund Nazis have increasingly attacked people and facilities that do
not fit their fascist ideology. On May 1st 2009 a major Nazi attack on
the labor union’s march (
DGB) gained much public attention.

So far, Dortmund authorities and police keep quiet and don’t do much
against the escalating Nazi problem. Even worse, authorities
insistently deny the escalation and do not get tired to play it down.
In order not to create too much media attention and not to threaten
bourgeois (civil) society, the official city strategy seems to aim at
the concealment of the Nazi violence transfiguring its relevance into a
mere >right-left-youth conflict<. In the course of the last
couple of years police forces repeatedly criminalized and prohibited
antifascist protests + resistance, whilst granting comfortable
demonstration rights for the Nazi events.

This policy is regressive and neglects the underlying + true reason
for the Anti-Kriegstag on September 1st – in memory of the German
invasion of Poland. This aggression, on September 1st 1939, was the
beginning of the German war of annihilation. In fact, the commemoration
day “Anti-Kriegstag” was initiated by labor unions in 1957 to re-/focus
on the rearmament of Germany and to call for action: “Never again war,
never again fascism!” In this sense, it is not enough to block the Nazi
demonstrations (only) but to realize the cause and roots of the
nationalist problem
AND to fight it: not only on September 1st but anytime + anywhere!

For now, we call for antifascist action days – with various sorts of
activism – on September 4-5 in Dortmund! Block the nazi demonstration!
Smash fascism!

Come to Dortmund the night before:
04.09.2009: warm-up demo // 18.oo // central station
05.09.2009: Antifa demo // 11.oo // central station

for more info see:

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